Don Rath Jr

Don Rath Jr – President of StringTunes and Composer

BW Don Don Rath Jr

Composer of Chamber Music

Don Rath Jr is the founder and President of StringTunes, an independent music publishing company located in Rockford Illinois USA.

Mr. Rath is a composer, arranger and guitarist with a primary focus of writing instrumental chamber music. He creates music that offers multiple interwoven melodies, somewhat unique to the genre. His fundamental approach and style of composition results in the creation of a pleasing and relaxing music sure to soothe your soul.

Don’s unique style is best defined in this way, he believes each musical instrument makes a beneficial and vital contribution to a composition through its individual voice. Each instrument is treated in such a way that it carries its own melody line or lies in perfect harmony with the other instruments. What makes his music so special and unique is the blending of the individual voices of each instrument into one cohesive whole creating an enjoyable listening experience.

The collective conversation among the chosen instruments produces music that is not only unique but offers a new approach to string writing.  He blends together the use of modern song forms, traditional orchestral instruments and multiple flowing melodies that create a melodic “tune”, unique to the standard compositional styles for the string quartet and for chamber music ensembles in general. He has been actively writing for over the past 16 years and spends most of his time in his home studio creating music and writing articles for his music education weblog.

Don Rath Jr – His CD’s

His creative output as a composer has resulted in the release of three CD’s titled; Heart Strings, his debut album, Dawn of a New Day, a companion CD to Heart Strings, and Colors of Cello, a theme album centered around solo, duet and mixed instrumental pieces featuring the cello.

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One of his fans had this to say about his music.

How nice to hear music that is well thought out and not the same piece rewritten in different ways. The melodies are light and memorable and range from string quartets to fully realized orchestral works. Bravo! Randy Akins – Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Please feel free visit Don’s Official Website, Music Theory and Composition, where you can enjoy many in depth articles on subjects ranging from the basics of music theory to his current effort of writing a comprehensive article series titled “Embellishments in Music”. This site also features his music and Mr. Rath offers a glimpse into his philosophies about life as reflected throughout his writings.

Here are a few mp3 clips from his albums to wet your whistle!

Order Today!Heart Strings CDHeart StringsMay Days

Order Today!Dawn of a New Day CDDawn Of A New DayModerato in D Major

Order Today!Colors of Cello CDOpus No 6 – Cello – DuetOpus No 10 – Cello and Piano

Although Don Rath Jr’s music is available through many digital retail outlets you can purchase his CD’s through the “Order Today” links above. You will be taken to an external secure shopping cart where Mr. Rath has a arranged for making his music available as a direct purchase from the manufacturer.

“Thank you in advance for supporting my work!” Don Rath Jr